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Broom bites the dust in #ichallengems opener

Rebecca, with secateurs

I’m going to fight MS with a pair of secateurs. Take that, progressive incurable disease. Snip. Begone monster relapse! Snip…

I don’t think there’s much point ‘fighting’ a non-sentient medical condition. I do think there’s a point in trying to raise money for research into treatments and a cure.

So I’m challenging myself to do ‘something in the garden’ for the next 30 days, and share the results. I’m having a relapse which is leaving me unable to do very much for more than about 25 minutes before things get very wobbly and I feel sick. But 25 minutes is time worth spending in the garden and we’ve got to put it to bed.

The broom bit the dust yesterday. I think it passed over a while ago but I hoped the twigs would come back to life.

Dead broom plant #ichallengems
Was the broom suffocated by ornamental grass or were the roots damaged by the fence?
broom root #ichallengems
No roots left
More room without the dead broom – space for other grasses perhaps?

(I haven’t mastered image sizing and alignment yet)

No one is 'normal'
No one is ‘normal’

I like gardening — it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself.

Alice Sebold, US writer

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