Better keep going

Again, I’m doing this off the cuff rather than to a plan. I’m planning for a plan to emerge I suppose. I like making plans; it seems to make sense and they make me feel safe, all warm and comfy in the knowledge that I have the next day mapped out.

And I’m grateful for that, because managing MS well requires making lots of plans. I’d hate to be fighting a spontaneous free spirit as I decided how and when to pace myself – though of course, I envy people who just ‘do’ things on a whim. It sounds more ‘fun’ but we can’t all be like that, and it would wear me out, MS or not.

I’ve been having a lucky week of it – having been to a wedding in Switzerland where the symptoms stayed in the background. It was fantastic fun, and a lovely,  memorable family event. I could imagine myself striding through the mountains, or up to the cable car lifts at least.

One odd thing on the final day: starting with my left thumb, all of my digits went numb and tingly. It was a reminder. ‘I’m still here’, says MS, ‘and I’ve got more surprises’. Sensation returned within two hours, before I really got into formulating the plan for not being able to feel your fingers.

Now it is time to make tea. I will save my diet plans for another blog. We all deserve plates full of comfort cake but there is none that is calorie free!


Exercise record:

(I am in training for the MS walk on September 28, and will use this blog to keep track of my training – done, as all things happy and worthwhile things are, with my lovely Ben.)

5k  walk – five laps of the rec, plus there and back









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