Review 3: No-one’s perfect


Graffiti on the Bridge
The Stereophonics
Nominated by Christine Fielden 

I’ll start at the end with this album. The final track, No-One’s Perfect, opens with:

If I could, you know I would
I’d give up and be free.

This sparse song was written with the music, rather than the lyrics, at the forefront apparently. It’s funny how songs can do that, how words that are an afterthought can inadvertently say something ‘just right’, in this case about people’s struggles with their demons.

If that sounds a bit downbeat,  then buck up, the rest of the album isn’t. Album number eight from the Stereophonics has its serious moment but it rocks.

The opener, We Share the Same Sun, is a gutsy winner, and Violins and Tambourines is like Graeme in the MoneySupermarket ad – truly epic. The five-minute running time seems to stretch and soar to the proportions of a Bond theme, in a good way.

It all compelled me to sing along, loudly and with feeling, straightaway.

I’ve never been won over by lead singer Kelly Jones’ distinctive voice – I’ve enjoyed the singles, but I’ve held back from really ‘liking’ the band. There’s lots in this record to change my mind.

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