Review 8: Acoustic versions inspire devotion


Jessie Ware
Nominated by Kirsty Asquith

The Gold Edition of Jessie Ware’s debut album reveals her talent more than the standard one. The ‘live from London’ acoustic versions of songs including Devotion, Wildest Moments and Running are a real bonus.

They sound different, almost beyond recognition in places, and prove Ware can sing, very nicely indeed. She’s been likened to Adele (a friend) and Sade, and I think there’s a bit of Lisa Stansfield in there too.

And listening to the stripped-back tracks made me appreciate the produced versions better. Soul inspired music for the end of the night.

One doubt I can’t shake off – the lyrics seemed a bit simple and clunky in places.

‘You’ll be my night light, there when I go to sleep’.

Ping! A child’s bedroom appears in my mind’s eye, softly lit maybe, but I couldn’t make it go away. The ‘shadow man’ she sings about pops to the kitchen for some warm milk, resigned to reading another bed-time story.

Perhaps I was listening too closely for this review. Just let Jessie Ware wash over  you, and it gets better and better.

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