Review 11: A bit of sweet relief

Searching For Sugar Man (Orange)

Searching for Sugar Man
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Nominated by Jackie O’Dea

Searching for Sugar Man did what music is meant to do, it distracted me when I couldn’t sleep last night. I put it on at 2am thinking (hoping) I’d nod off by the third track, but I heard it through to the end.

Though I didn’t concentrate enough, or check track titles, I can say Sixto Rodriguez, the Sugar Man of the title, is a very good down-to-earth singer of some very good down-to-earth songs. I think I can imagine why they appealed in South Africa, when they did. They’ve got some gravitas, but also always a catchy hook, a bit of melody that makes you sing along. A bit of joy in the darkness?

I want to see the film now.

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