Don’t miss MS-Thermo-Feet for a feeling that’s unreal!

Brrrrhh… Fed up of the chill when you get into the swimming pool? Wish you could have that tropical feel in your local baths? Try MS-Thermo-Feet for a surprise rush of heat to your toes. Get into the chilly water and feel your feet warm up rather than cool down. It’s magic! 

 *Sensation guaranteed to last for the first 20 minutes. **Terms and conditions apply.

*Or it might last for hours. Care when walking is advised.

** MS-Thermo-Feet might activate in the middle of the night, when you’re warm enough already. This is a natural product and some loss of sleep should be expected.

**If MS-Thermo Feet become uncomfortably warm, expose to air and put up with it.

**MS-Thermo-Feet may cause balance problems, fatigue and bladder urgency. No liability accepted. All rights waived.

**If MS-Thermo-Feet fail to heat, wait an unspecified period of time and it will happen again. When you least expect it. 

If you like a sensation that’s almost impossible to explain, why not buy the bundle?

MS-Sandy-Feet – walk along the beach forever, with the non-stop sensation of **sand between your toes. Make mine a Pina Colada! 

** soft, fine sand sensation not guaranteed. 50% likelihood of damp shingle.

MS-Vibro-Feet – feel like a bit of a buzz? Forget the reflexology and try this envigorating **tingle between the toes.

**vibration might feel like a mobile phone on silent, persisting for hours while it works it’s way up your legs.
Phone 0800-just-sensory NOW!

You’d be mad not to…


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