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Review 29: Awesome wave

awesome wave

An Awesome Wave
Alt J 

Aha, my keboard will do it. ∆ – that’s Alt-J – the name of the indie rock band who met at Leeds university and won the Mercury Prize with this debut album in 2012.

I really enjoyed some of this – Mathilda is the stand out track for me – though it worked more as a background sound. It is interesting, with feedback and dissonance, in the music and the vocals. It engerised me in the morning but brought me down a bit on the way home.

The album cover is an interesting image, which comes from a multi-layered radar image of the Ganges river delta in Bangladesh.

My History of Art degree thesis was about the art of record covers, and ‘how they work as adverts before becoming prized personal possessions, filled with meaning’. That was in 1992 before MP3 players let alone Spotify changed how we access lots of our music – and made most of these reviews possible.

It’s been good over the past month to see the art of the record cover is still thriving. And vinyl is making a comeback: my niece went to university last week with her new record player.

∆ that is quite pleasing ∆ I hope it appears on PCs too… ∆

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