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Review 22: It’s Ryan Adams, not Bryan Adams…

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

Not to be confused with Bryan Adams, says the Wikipedia entry. Why not? It’s easily done.

Singer-songwriter + guitar + powerful vocals + ROCK chords + multi-generational appeal. Bryan Adams is Canadian, true, but that’s splitting hairs. ‘Husky and energetic’ could apply to them both.

This album is a great listen – it’s just really enjoyable rock (or alt-rock-country, as the Guardian described him).

He’s got an impressive back catalogue and is older than he looked hiding behind his fringe on Jools Holland last week.

The maturity shows in his music – he knows how to write a good melody. The opening track Gimme Something Good would have been on repeat play on the juke box when I was 18 (ok, that might not be the greatest testament, but I could imagine it being played over and over and over, like Power of Love by Jennifer Rush was. That doesn’t help. I’ll stop digging and hope you get what I mean).

Am I Safe is another great track, in an album of good tracks.

It’s all in there – U2, INXS, Eagles… and of course… Bryan… totally rocking out!

Love it.

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