Review 14: Live and loving it


August and Everything After: Live at Town Hall
Counting Crows
Nominated by John Bass

Ok, I’ve realised that I listened to the live version of the Counting Crows’ debut album (released 2007) , rather than the album itself (released in 1993).

And the crowd loved it, taking over the chorus line to Omaha from front man Adam Duritz, and doing a whole lotta whooping throughout. To be honest, the songs didn’t grab me after one listen (might be a grower) but I always get a tingly feeling when its obvious the audience is having an amazing time. Singing in unison is so powerful. I won’t repeat what Public Enemy got us chanting at Reading Festival in 1992, but I really remember the experience.

As the name suggests, this live version of August and Everything  (a great title for an album that sold millions of copies) was recorded in Town Hall, New York. I had been picturing a big festival arena, with guys in cowboy boots lifting blonde-haired girlfriends onto their shoulders. Everyone had a bottle of Bud, and everyone had a great time

If you like Americana guitar rock and full-hearted singing give it a go!

(And hello to those in the USA who’ve been visiting my blogs. I don’t know if you are the same few people, or an ever-changing audience, interested in music, MS or both, but I appreciate it.)

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