Review 15: Shameless plug for the band


Welcome Interstate Managers
Fountains of Wayne
Nominated by Jill Hopper

Welcome Interstate Managers helped me skip into work this morning, and then pick my feet up walking home tonight.

The 16 songs are packed with clever lyrics and appealing melodies. I thought they were getting progressively silly, but now realise I was listening on shuffle play… What with yesterday’s live album mix-up, am I’m losing my edge?

I really enjoyed this record and want to have the energy to say loads more than I can today. But I haven’t, I’m afraid.

So I’m going to include a big shameless direct link to the Fountains of Wayne website, where they include YouTube clips of fans singing their songs – like this acapella group doing I Want an Alien for Christmas, in a car. Watch the band videos, and check out the fan videos tag for Hey Julie and Hackensack.  Sing along, tap your feet, shake from side to side, smile!

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2 thoughts on “Review 15: Shameless plug for the band

  1. Loving reading your reviews. What a feat of endurance too. I realised after I sent my suggestion that I’d given you a MASSIVE album with 16 tracks. Really sorry about that! x

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